Orchestra Conductor on Stage

HomeOrchestra Festival

HomeOrchestra is a Swiss educational project that offers arrangements of Classical music and adapts them to the solo with orchestra format. All accompaniments were recorded by the leading European philharmonic orchestras.


For the Piano instrument only.


Participants at any age can enter any difficulty level group of the HomeOrchestra Festival. 


Difficulty Level 1: Most of the original compositions' keys are changed to C Major and A Minor. The original texts are simplified up to one melody with orchestral accompaniment, simple intervals and chords. The range of tempos is between slow and moderate. The technical requirements of the performer are elementary. 


Difficulty Level 2: Some of the original compositions' keys are changed for easier reading. The original texts are shortened and simplified up to a melody with some chords. The range of the tempos is between moderate and fast. The technical requirements of the performer are intermediate.

Difficulty level 3: Use of the original compositions' keys. The original texts are shortened and slightly modified. The range of the tempos is between moderate and fast. The duration of the compositions is up to 14 minutes. The technical requirements of the performer are late - intermediate.

Repertoire Requirements

Choose one selection of Home Orchestra music repertoire and download for free using promo code ROCKY_MOUNTAIN at the following links:

Difficulty level 1: https://www.homeorchestra.com/product/piano-album-level-1/

Difficulty level 2: https://www.homeorchestra.com/product/piano-album-level-2/

Difficulty level 3: https://www.homeorchestra.com/product/piano-album-level-3/

The duration of the video recording can be at any length.

The participant can view scores and video demo at https://www.homeorchestra.com/ prior to making one's choice. When the piece is chosen, the participant will be invited to proceed to checkout. Enter the promo code ROCKY_MOUNTAIN and immediately receive a link to download free materials. The code works one time per user, choose wisely.

Application Deadline

 All materials and application fee must be submitted by July 20, 2021.

The results will be announced within two weeks after the deadline.

Application Fee

Application Fee per submission – $100 Canadian dollars.

Application Fees are not refundable.

How to Apply

To apply for the Festival, participants must submit the following information by clicking “Apply now”:

  • A completed online Application Form

  • YouTube link to the video recording that should be for "public" view

  • Biography of the applicant, up to 150 words. Include past participation in competitions, festivals, and other public events

  • Application fee

  • Photo of the applicant

Festival Rules

  • Equipment requirements: good quality speakers for playback of the orchestral accompaniment, audible for the listener.

  • No microphones allowed to be used for the soloist

  • Only unedited video can be accepted for the audition (parts of video connected together or video clips are not acceptable)

  • Video recording should be a fair representation of the participant’s abilities but does not need to be of professional quality. Applicant’s name and exact title of the recording must be included in the description of the video on YouTube 

  • Judges' comments will not be disclosed. Judges’ decisions are final and can’t be appealed

  • The final selection of winners will be based solely on the video recordings submitted

  • Up to two winners can be selected in each category

  • Audience Award - one performance will be selected based on the audience votes

Awards and Performance

Participants will be awarded Certificates for

  • First place

  • Second place

  • Third place

  • Audience Award

First Place, Second Place, and Third Place winners will receive a monetary reward of 50 EUR and a professional YouTube video clip, along with the certificate.